Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moved houses, moving blog!

Hi everyone, 

We have updated and moved to www.bethwallacephotography.com/blog

Please check out the new blog for all photography updates. 

I'm going to miss blogspot! 


Sunday, February 12, 2012


 This is Hunter, one of the many babies born to our big family this year. I would wager his arrival was the most nail-biting and nerve wracking until he came home in his momma's arms. He was born pre-mature and ventured to Bangor to be cared for there. It has been a relief for everyone to have him home and very healthy. He sure had lots of smiles and warm snuggles for me. 

I hadn't felt any baby longings until he opened his eyes, looked at me, and melted my heart...

Big sister Libby is very proud and incredibly sweet! She took good care of Holden while we had fun posing. 

He got his first deer already!

 With this look, I think his personality might match his fun big sister!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Okay, it might be over a month late, but here are Holden's birthday photos. We were lucky to be in the Dominican Republic for his birthday. We were even more lucky that he woke up before the sun on his birthday, so we headed to the beach to catch some sunrise photos (the one on the left). 

The photo on the right was part of a series of play time in our room. Poppa was tickling him! So many others will come, but I feel guilty enough not unpacking in our new house. 

Very soon I will post some sweet photos of one of the youngest Libby babies...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our moms' names are Beth...

 Seriously, Owen? You know it's a good pic when someone else's kid bumps out yours for your latest desktop background....

We've had a great past month of traveling to the Dominican with the Yazzies, spending a week in Boston with Grampy/Nana, and staying two weeks at Uncle Aaron's to hang out with Grampy and Grammy, Great Grammy Dot, lots of cousins and our friends Beth and Owen.  Lots of grandparent time for this little man! 

Now we just have to figure out this house business. All fingers and toes crossed for a successful closing on Monday!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I love what I did...

 We've been doing a lot of driving these days...and it's given me the time to reflect on how I'm feeling about leaving UNH. The words bittersweet truly do sum it up. I'm happy and excited to be starting our new life, but I will miss this place. I know I would have been leaving in May anyway, and professionally, I would have rather not have left mid-year. Alas, with a baby in the mix, my priorities have shifted, and 
I'm okay with that. 

It doesn't mean I can't be a little sentimental though...

 So here are a few of my favorite images over the past few years. Trust me it was agonizing to choose...so in the end, I just went with the ones that spoke to my feelings right now and what I'm going to miss...

 Capturing meaningful moments...

This one above made me bawl like a baby. For a little back story, this is from a photo shoot of an RA staff. Johnny's actually. We had this shoot planned for a while, but about a week or so before the shoot, their hall community had a student death that rocked the campus. Johnny decided the photo shoot was just what they needed, full of teambuilders, laughing, and just focusing on them. 

I was just the one behind the camera, but I felt so fortunate and moved to be a part of this healing process.

I'm going to miss having my camera at these fun events...capturing laughter, craziness, and getting to know each others. 
 I'm going to miss my friends. 
A lot. 

I feel blessed to have worked with such funny, down-to-earth co-workers, and I couldn't have asked for better supervisors who push us to find our niche and give us such autonomy.

My approximately 1100 students from UNH have been pretty awesome. Filled with great conversations, career guiding, silly floor wars competitions, and sharing their lives with Josh, Holden and me. 

Thank you! 
And finally...

Thank you to my RAs over the years. I have enjoyed supervising you all, and many of you have become life-long friends to each other and to our little family.

My Hunter RAs: You are going to be incredible next semester. You have already done great things, and I know the spring is going to be a lot of fun for you. I'm leaving this place in good hands.

Here we go. 

Thank you UNH. 

Now Holden would like to add something...


I'm going to miss my first floor girls a lot, and running up and down the hall in my walker. My mom's going to miss all the babysitters too!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday...We're MOVING!

Putting the pieces together...and following our fancy...

We're moving, as probably most everyone knows by now. The process of packing up has begun, or will begin after I sign off the blog today. We've been doing a lot of driving in the past week, and so many thoughts of potential blog posts have been designing in my head. Hopefully soon I'll have some time to post about what I'm going to miss about Durham, what I'm looking forward to in Amherst, and what I'm feeling...

I know it's a mix of bittersweet emotions and plenty of hope and excitement. I have loved UNH and the NH Seacoast, but the shine of something new and different is appealing.

For all clients and future customers, we will be moving the business to Amherst, Mass. When I'll get started...I'm not sure on that one, but it will definitely be once the snow melts. I am considering myself a destination wedding photographer this summer, and I'm pretty excited to visit all these places...Orono, Portland, Lake Winnipesaukee, Portsmouth, northern Vermont, and Scranton, PA. I do love the Office! ; )

Okay, now off to do some cleaning/packing. I'm itching to download my pictures of Christmas, but I know I'll "wake up" from my editing dreams and at least a few hours will be gone...I was in Auntie Photographer Heaven this weekend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Say it isn't so...

My baby turned 11 months old today. Not sure how I feel. 

Grateful? Yes. 
Confused? Yes. 
Excited? Yes.

I love you baby Holden.  
Please don't grow up too fast, and please give me plenty more cuddles you squirmy boy...